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    Friday, March 15, 2013

    Just what is happening recently? Every single morning, there is no fresh start, it's just never peaceful in the morning. What could be worse than a fucked up morning compare to a where you wake up in a peaceful environment. I don't know who to talk to, or what to do anymore. So this is what I resorted to, my long abandoned blog, and it's giving me new shit that I don't even bother to find out because I'm used to the way it use to be.

    I just don't understand, how can a ignorant person corrupt another's life. It's just all bullshit. And here I thought everything is proceeding in a better way, better direction, better future. But it seems that I'm wrong after all, it's just proceeding in a calmly manner in many different directions. I've done what I could but nothing seems to work anymore.

    I respect God, but I don't believe in God. But this time i will try to believe in you for just once, and this will be the first and the last time I'm asking, make a miracle. Although there is almost no hope for what I just wished for, I just wanted to. If things are just proceeding the way they were, I WILL DESPISE YOU, TILL THE DAY I DIE.

    Even though what I said is irrelevant, but I just wanted to because there is so much happening lately, and it's starting to get irritating. Tolerance has it's limits.


    Friday, April 23, 2010

    woke up early this morning although i dun wanna go for malaysian studies..dont know why. juz snap a few pics after my shower.

    i personally like this 1 more..


    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    its been quite some time that i last log in..sorry for not replying the messages..almost forgot that i have a blog..well..if any of u drop by..u could add me in facebook or msn with this email - (koonrui@hotmail.com)..have a nice day~


    Friday, February 20, 2009

    So long nvr update my blog liao..liki force me to update my blog..so i update lo...2day went to college for lan subject..so boring~~~why wanna hav the class on saturday..i wanna sleep!!!T_T...after dat went bak to theng jee house..liki say wanna take Hippy out for a drive..so i accompany her..i think Hippy was scared of liki's driving..the whole body is shaking..lol..den we return in a short while...now waiting for the time to pass..den my bro will come pick me up..liki took a picture of me updating blog after she told me to..
    so..im not sure when i'll update again..maybe next time she force me..lol..wee wang wang~ wee wang wang~


    Monday, October 6, 2008

    Finally i can update my blog..becuz something happen 2day in college..its quite stupid..i n my frens went to the PIT STOP on the 5th floor..n i ordered a chicken chop..when i use the fork to poke it..it is so damn dry n hard..WTF!!!so bloody dry..n bloody hard..i could even kill a tiger with it..i was like "WTF is dis college trying to kill their own student!!!????"..swt...here's a video of it...

    be aware..dis chicken chop..has NO BONE at all...it is BONE FREE...


    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    yeseterday...someone suddenly tell me there is gathering for primary school 6N class on 2day in midvalley..so..we all gather infront of the cinema..in total 11 of us..we went to la manila(not sure about the spelling) for our breakfast..later on mei mei came..so is 12 ppl in total..at first i dono hu is she..until i saw her oni i recall..haha..everyone was quiet at first..slowly oni we start toking..have been 6 years we nvr meet..so..later on we went shopping for awhile..actually girls do the shopping..n da guys talking while following the girls..haha..later on we went for pool..cuz got ntg else to do..well after pool everyone was hungry..we went to kim gary for lunch..n dis time we tok alot more than before..after dat we walk around n head bak home..it was 5 something already..started to jam..here is a pic we take b4 we go home..4 of dem r not in the pic bcuz dey went home 1st..


    Friday, May 30, 2008

    After a long long time..finally updated..lol..hmm..lets c..on monday i n theng jee went to tarc to check out..his mom brought us there..n liki came along as well..so..the traffic is terrible becuz of the heavy rain..the roads r flooded..i wonder how dey make the longkang..anyway..it takes us almost an hour to reach tarc..soon after dat we head to apiit to check out b4 goin bak home..it looks like office more than a college..haha..

    this pic is taken by liki in her house(dono how many weeks ago)..for me to update blog..lol